We have been shipping the patented Keyboard Organizers™ for about 8 years now.   Our new addition is the restt™...  Our physical and shipping location location is in northern Utah.

We are a engineering centric company, our founder has 30 year experience in Engineering with positions including VP of Engineering, Director of R&D,  founder, inventor, designer of over 70 products to date.  

We will be getting into printing keyboards again in the near future.   We hope by second quarter next year.    Click on the facebook like and we will keep you posted.     We will be accepting your artistic designs for our store and you will earn commissions for designs you submit.    

Need to contact us?  Are you media and need high resolution photos? You can use the pictures from this site if you are media as long as you link back to this site, and notify us.  If higher resolution is needed please contact us for high resolution images. No other use of these images is allowed without written permission.   No online resale store may use them without our permission.        

Contact us at dean@keyboardorganizer.com.