wireless 6 in ONE "KEEP NEAT RESTT" ™ as seen on the today show


Brand myKeyO

Want a bit more organization, we have the KEEP NEAT feature… Award winning.

Having a hard/frustrating time typing into those pads/tablets smart phones? Now we have the answer, 6 Functionalities include. World’s first and only desktop organizer that is 6 products wrapped in one sleek full size mimi keyboard! It is a Full size low profile wireless keyboard, a Desktop Organizer, an iPad and Tablet keyboard and Stand. It is an iPhone, Phone restt and Stand. It has dual Business Card Holders and dual Pen and Stylus Stands for Left and Right Handed users. All of this in one!

The real neat restt  6 in ONE with FLEX PLUS is 6 products in one.  It includes a small wireless keyboard with full sized keys that is under 12 inches wide.  Works with all wireless enabled devices.

SPECIAL....   about 50% discount about $19.99...      Order from Amazon search for this part number and it will have the other colors B00GKBYEGY   https://www.amazon.com/Keep-wireless-keyboard-Stand-Organizer-Dark/dp/B00GKBYEGY/

We have manufactured the stand in attractive, colored Flex Plus silicone to be of ultra durable quality.  You must see it to believe it!  This design features our award winning keyboard organizer in addition to a built in stand for iPads, tablets, iPhones or smart phones at the optimal viewing angle.  Upon arriving home or to the office, you place your tablet and/or smart phone in the stand.  It does the Restt by allowing quick viewing and access to your calls and texts. Silicone is anti slip and will not scratch any surface or your tablet. The wireless keyboard is compatible with all Apple, PC, and Android tablets....   and virtually all smart phones... and all notebook computers and all desktop computers that have wireless.  Recently featured on the NBC Today Show.  

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The "neat restt" also features a desktop stand-up pen and stylus holder for immediate access.   With stands on both sides of the keyboard, it is optimized for both right and left handed users.    By using the stylus, you keep fingerprints off the phone/pad and improve speed and accuracy.   You can even keep a few cleaning wipes inside the organizer.   

Finally, the new "the restt" incorporates a stand up business card holder on both sides.  Why?  Well even though we have drawers for some reason we still buy business card holders for putting on the desk. A reason can be out of sight out of mind and you forget to give a card to the visitor.  And with it located in view we seem to remember giving them out and even restocking our wallets. No more searching for your cards or spending extra on a business card holder.  You will be assured to have your card ready and available for the important client.  You can even place other business cards you have received in the slot as reminder to update your contacts.  Or place your credit card in the slot for your online purchases?  No rummaging through your wallet searching for the number and expiration date. The uses are only limited by your imagination.


To sum it up, "the neat restt" ™ by myKeyO is: 

  • A high quality pad and phone stand that you could pay $30.00-$50.00 for
  • A pen/stylus stand that you would pay $10.00-$30.00 for
  • A business card stand that you would pay $10.00-$50.00 for
  • An organizer that NO ONE else in the world has.
  • wireless keyboard included, integrated no-scratch stand.
  • A 5 year Warranty on the Flex Plus silicone and 1 year on the keyboard...
  • Not a charging station 
  • take it to class, take it on the road or just leave it home sweet home. 

Available in 8 vibrant colors in silicone bases with black or white keyboard...     Custom colors are available; contact us for more information.     

MSRP - $64.95  Flex Plus Silicone is easy to clean and very durable.   To clean, put it in the dishwasher (without the tablet or items) on the top rack and it will be spotless.  

Tablet and phone NOT included.

Buy one for home and one for the office. It also makes a great gift to the spouse, to the college student, to grandparent who is downsizing, the RV owner, and those living in small spaces. 

These are now shipping! All come with 5 year warranty on the silicone and 1 year on the keyboard.. If it breaks, mail it to us, we will immediately send a replacement (normal use, wear and tear only) per the warranty.

works with Bluetooth(TM) products, cell phone, tablets, computers, notebooks...   BT is a trademank f the BT organization and not property of ours.