SO COOL™ pot holder trivet


Brand myKeyO

SO COOL pot holder/trivet has a new rib/w nub technology to be the coolest silicone pot holder trivet on the market.  The taller ribs fold over when picking up an item to create a triple barrier from heat moving to your hand.   Holding this SO COOL pot holder also feels like a massaging action on your hand.    

To prevent the silicone slip we added nubs to prevent the soft silicone from slipping.  This is heat resistant and can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher as well as washing machine.  As opposed to the honeycomb style that can be difficult virtually impossible to clean, plus our testing shows we out perform the honeycomb style.  Plus this makes it a great jar opener as it is anti-slip....  Here is a closeup of the ribs with anti-slip nubs.  

We have free shipping, or click here  amazon for free shipping from amazon too. pricing on amazon is about USD$6.00 including shipping.   or search for this part number B009O0GCH2  on amazon

We have used two of them to peel hot potatoes, and hot beets.   With the beets is was such a simple rinse off after peeling them.   It really is an amazing use, make the chore very simple.   

This is a new product technology that we believe is the best in the world, and we know you will feel the same when you put your hands on it.    Will not retain heat, flavors, odors or stains.  And made with food grade silicone.

We also have a handle sleeve line that we have tested and we tested it to have up to a 90 degree difference vs other silicone sleeves on the market, we believe this will be similar to pot holders. Other uses are for grill handles.

I tie wrapped one on a BBQ grill and it works so effectively. and Anti-slip for the gill handle.. We made ours just under 6 inches square,  This is not as large as most out there, we found that larger ones are a bit hard to use for our purposes, some larger ones get in the way and are awkward to maneuver.  

I have used one as a knee pad while doing some work on the floor, buy some black ones for a person working in the garage on bicycles, motorcycles, cars, great for doing plumbing work on your knees too..    They are that comfortable.   Email us or post on our facebook other SO-COOL usage applications and we may just send you a second one for free.

We believe this new product technology is the best in the world.  This is a invented, designed and sold in USA by an American Engineer/Inventor (me).   We know you will feel the same when you put your hands on it. If you do not agree it is as good as we say, just return it for your money back.



Here are testimonials by a few customers.  One Customer then bought 6 more....

"At Thanksgiving dinner everybody wanted one, so I have to order more!

They are terrific as potholders and great for jar openers too!"

I purchased two pot holders for my son's college apartment 3 years ago. They are still in excellent shape and have retained their color.

I bought a set of these along with some other kitchen accessories for my daughter for a Christmas present and she just raved and raved about them. Honestly, she was tickled to get them. Great gift idea and Mom for the win!

Love, love, love these pot holder/trivets. They are flexible for getting a solid grip on pots and work wonderfully as trivets on my granite counter tops.

I liked the idea of not ever washing a pot holder again.

Such a better alternative to a fabric potholder that always looks dirty

Awesome! I got a green one to try it out and I will definitely be buying more for myself and as a gift for friends and family! I love it - it works great and the color is so vibrant!

Lots of uses

I am giving this five stars because I really like it. It is as light weight and flexible as cloth so it is very easy to use as a pot holder. I bought it as a trivet but it has become my go-to pot holder.

A potholder-trivet that lives up to its product description – compact, thick, colorful, easy to clean, fully heat resistant. Better quality than others on the market. Liked mine so much that ordered more for me and gifts!