SO COOL™ Universal Pan Handle Sleeve


Brand myKeyO

The SO COOL™  pan handle sleeve makes use of new technology designed to have the highest heat resistance on the market.    Tri-Layer technology... This results in you having the coolest “hand on the pan”.  The new taller ribs will fold over when picking up the pan.  This creates a triple barrier that prevents heat moving from the pan to your hand.  Our test have shown the SO COOL™  is up to 90 degrees cooler than other silicone sleeves on the market today.    If not completely satisfied you can return it for a full refund, not one returned to date.  


We are the inventors and producers of this magware line, invented in USA.  You can also order through amazon by clicking here.

We have also added nubs to prevent the soft silicone from slipping on the handle which is a common complaint with other silicone products. Our heat resistant product is easily cleaned in a dishwasher or washing machine.  This is not the case with the competing honeycomb style silicone which has proven to be difficult to clean.  An unintended advantage is when holding this SO COOL™ pot handle sleeve, the triple rib technology feels like a massaging action on your hand.   We also have a line of pot holders with the same technology. 


UPC code 854796000405 for red

UPC code 854796000986 for black


The SO COOL™ universal pot handle sleeve comes in 2 sizes to fit a variety of pans including cast iron, chef style blade, and even grill handles.  We believe this new product is the best in the world.  We know you will feel the same when you put your hands on it.  If you do not agree it is as good as we say, just return it for your money back.  These fit small and large pans with small and medium sized handles, if the handle is real large it will not fit.  It seems to work on all cast iron pan handles.   

We have 3 magnets in the sleeve and it can lock  a spatula to it to drip in the pan...   The spatula or other utensil must be steel or contact us to buy wooden spatulas and spoon sets with magnets built into the utensil set.  It really is so-cool!


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