with the KEEP NEAT RESTT! 


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Want a bit more organization, we have the KEEP NEAT feature…
Having a hard/frustrating time typing into those pads/tablets smart phones? Now we have the answer, 6 Functionalities include. The mk1150 "keep neat restt"™ 6 in 1 computer keyboard organizer™ model has arrived see below  and we are shipping...        Black, White, Light and Dark Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Grey, and Pink...     Wireless keyboards, work with apple, android. and PC based tablets. A great gift for all!  Great for classrooms, kitchen, home, dorms, office, RVs, apartments, hotels, point of purchase. Get organized now..  increase your productivity.


This year we will have printing graphics in full color... 
The Frugal Networker

"Rarely do I find a product that I like so much that I spoil the story at the very beginning of my review, but this is one of those products. I love the mykeyO executive restt™ (restt™). It is a keyboard caddy, an iPad stand, a pen holder, and under the keyboard rest, there’s storage for all the clutter on your desk. As soon as the restt™arrived, I placed it under my keyboard and I haven’t tossed it aside or changed its location at all.

The restt™ has found a permanent home on my desk."


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click here free shipping on the newest small keyboard with restt as shown on NBC

What is Keep Neat keyboard organizer with restt? 

Simply lift the lid of this working keyboard and you will find built-in storage compartments now with a slot on the back to RESTT your phone or tablet.  You can type right on the keyboard with full sized keys into your device via wired or wireless or use it as a restt and work on your notebook and or desktop computer.   Showing up to work and having a place to put your phone or tablet allows you to see your alerts while working if used as just a restt.   

The Keyboard Organizer by myKeyO is a fully functioning multimedia computer keyboard that opens for internal storage of desktop items (U.S. Patent 6,681,926), and patents pending. NEW RESTT technology versions..  restt your pad, tablet or cell phone.

    • Great for schools!!! Home office, home office, kitchen, dorm, apartment, RV, work office, restaurants,
    • Coffee shops, mobile office like truck front seat where contractors type up quotes or work orders.
    • Custom colors and graphics available.   Even the most popular PINK and Camo keyboards!
    •  Windows® compatible, Apple, all Pads, androids all cell phones and all your enabled wireless products of that nature
    •  USB connector, 2.4 MHz wireless, and a Wireless model!
    •  Up to 10 or more built-in storage compartments. 
    • As Seen on CBS, NBC, ABC, NYTs, and more.
    •  Eliminates clutter, Increases efficiency.
    •  Multimedia quick keys on some models.
    •  Award winning design! 
    •  1 year limited warranty!


myKeyO is short for MY KEYboard Organizer.

Storage possibilities include:

    • Computer CDs and DVDs, USB flash drives, markers, pens and pencils, sticky notes
    • stylus, business cards, shipping labels, coins, super glue, screw drivers, paper clips
    • ear buds, credit cards, keys, membership cards, aspirin, rulers, tacks, stamps, erasers
    • ear plugs, razor blades, super glue flossers, exacto blades coin cell and other batteries
    • And so much more! even a password cheat sheet.

Why do we spell it "restt" with two t's? 

Because if you do a internet search on the word "rest" with one t you would never find us.    But if you do one on the word restt with two t's well you will find us because we are trademarking that term.  


Now for the restt of the story!   MK1100 and MK1150 are in stock now...

myKeyO is excited to introduce a new generation of keyO’s that will take our award winning design to the nextt level.    The 6 in 1 “restt” as it is appropriately named will feature a resting station for cell phones and Pads.  The restt also integrates multiple business card, pen and stylist holders.  These additions to the already beloved features of our earlier models will continue to assure the myKeyO is the leader in desktop organization and storage in the keyboard market.     Our wireless will work with all wireless enabled devices from cell phones, tablets, pads, computers and laptops. 


Below is a comparative matrix

FEATURE / model mk1100 mk1150
5 in one x
6 in one x
keyboard included


requires apple 

wireless keyboard

anti scratch silicone tray organizer x x
plastic tray organizer 
9 colors of the organizer x x
mini keyboard included x
full sized with ten-key keyboard
Wireless x
micro USB and standard USB options available   
for office, home, or school x x
portable x x
price MSRP $29.95 $64.95

warranty (tray/keyboard)

expected life 5-9 years

5 year 5/1 year



2015...NEAT restt silicone ....mk1100 silicone  is  shipping....   .   
And we are proud to announce an apple specific model.   The executive restt... This is a show piece that fits the apple line.  With your apple wireless keyboard it is a perfect fitt.   This is a high quality solid organizer with adjustable keyboard height, from the standard to a higher ergo angle.   Same holder for your pad, tablets smart phones, holds business cards and pen/stylus stand built in.    Shipping in black, white, red, green, yellow, blues, green, pink.   contact us for another color.     We are contemplating a an even lower cost model in plastic, if you would like to see one give us a shout on facebook or our blog.    This silicone mk1100 model is $29.95  Does not include the keyboard or tablet.  The mk1150 below is the same silicone type organizer with a wireless keyboard.  
above the low cost mk1100 a silicone  see video below for mk1150 less than 12 inches wide.

mk1150 neat restt

similar to the mk1100 but includes the wireless keyboard but not the tablet.... starting at $64.95 

Happy Customers

Web Customer:
"I want you to know that after a long career in the electronics industry (I was at DEC, Xerox and Tektronix) your keyboard hit me with a great deal of admiration. My instinctive reaction was 'Why in ^&*%%$ didn't I think of that?' Congratulations and keep the good work going."
Web Customer:
"This has been one of my better online shopping experiences
and I do a lot of shopping on line.   myKeyO was helpful, prompt, and thoughtful, and  the product is not only useful but fun to show off."
"What a clever gift.  As a onetime design engineer I applaud the person that can add value to an existing item. Especially one that most people see daily, but never thought it could also be a clever storage space for frequently used desktop items. THANKS."
UPS Employee:     
"I actually had a pen that ran out of ink for the first time (code for co-workers did not take/steal their pen from their desk). This is personal space.   As they, say out of sight out of mind."
A Happy Father:      
"My son and wife both fought over who was going to keep it. My
son won out.   But now I have a good idea for an anniversary present for the little lady!!! Thanks myKeyO."

Awards and Media

Featured in:
Best New Product at New York Stationery Show
Award at PaperWorld Germany (worlds largest stationery trade show)
 Most Innovative/Best Creative Concept ASI Show 
 Most Innovative/Best Creative Concept ASI Show
 Most likely to be a tried and true ASI Show 
PC mag Editors choice, Gadget Grrl 9.0 
 Most Useful ASI Show  
and more

    ... for a total of NINE major honors to date.



    Coming Soon – "Graffiti" (tm)  Full color printed keyboards again!  Stock photos and never seen before, custom keyboards (your artwork), full-color pricing will start at a new price of only $59.95 q2 2016.  Submit your artwork designs now and earn a commission if anyone buys your design.